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Who We Are

The Virtual Walk for Life is a new, unique and innovative way for groups, organizations, schools and sports teams to approach fundraising and take it to a new level. It takes the concept of the traditional walk or run one step further and in doing so enables you to do MORE!

This exciting new concept of raising funds is not only FUN but also very EDUCATIONAL at the same time allowing family, friends and associates from around the world to join you in helping your cause and showing your hometown, city or village to people from around the globe.

Our Virtual Walk makes raising funds and canvassing simple as you never leave your living room. With today’s social media platforms everyone has a following from as little as 50 friends up to many thousands. By incorporating just your current family, friends and associates we will show you how it’s possible in just one hour to reach an incredible amount for your cause.

There will be no issues about rain delays, the cold weather or street closings as participants virtually walk from the comfort of their own homes.

The Virtual Walk however in no way discourages people from physically walking as it has been proven over and over again that daily walking is one of the great benefits to your overall health. Please click on “Why Walk” and read about why walking is one of the most important things you can do.

Our Virtual Walk simply adds to your physical walk and enables you to reach out to many more people.One thing we know for sure is that it takes a lot of planning to produce a physical walk. It’s not uncommon for only fifty cents of every dollar raised at a walkathon event to reach the cause it set out to benefit. While no two walks are the same and some make more than others here are some of the costs you may incur when staging an event and the cost percentages associated with it.

2% Toilets and cleanup
3% Signage
5% Pre and post event furniture (tents, tables, chairs)
6% Emcee, venue rental and sound system
7% Race gear. (tracking system for walkers, bibs, water bottles
7% Fences and barricades
7% Police, permits, security and back up ambulance
2% Website


    We already know from experience that it takes roughly one hour to contact 30 family, friends and associates or what we at Virtual Walk for Life call the “POWER of 30”. However in today’s world of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Yelp and Pinterest among others, you can reach many more individuals than 30 with the click of a button.

    Think of your Alma Mater, College, University or High School alumni of which you can tap into for your wonderful cause. Everyone has a much larger following than 30 and you can have these friends donate to your cause and receive a Best Selling book on financial planning and also an opportunity to win any other prizes you decide to put up on your Virtual Walk page.

    One suggestion is to take part of your profits and bring some of your supporters to your hometown all expenses paid. (We will show you how to offer these prizes with little or no effect on your organizations bottom line or fundraising effort)They are Virtually Walking in your town and can now come and see it up close and personal.


    During your Virtual Walk the participants will learn interesting facts about your organization and have a complete understanding as to what you do there and what you are focused on. They will also have the opportunity to learn about the history of where you live by exposing all the positive venues in your town. Thereby making your Virtual Walk not only meaningful but very interesting and informative for all of your virtual guests.

    Virtually walking can also be a great way of team building in your office, group or organization. It adds to great conversation on Monday mornings and gives employees an opportunity to share in corporate responsibility. Not only does it give exposure to your cause. You also have the opportunity to expose your company, group or organization to the world as your virtual walk generates automatic advertising.

"Look Who's Walking"

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Environmentally Friendly

Your Virtual Walk is also environmentally friendly. Most walkathons take place an average of 25 miles or 40 kilometers from your home. This would make a return trip 50 miles or 80 kilometers. We know that a gallon of gas creates approximately 20 pounds of Carbon Dioxide. So assuming that you are getting 25 miles or 40 kilometers per gallon on your vehicle and you burned 2 gallons going to and returning home from your event you would have created 40 pounds of carbon dioxide at your walkathon that’s in and around your area. If one thousand people were to attend the same walkathon, just that walkathon alone would emit 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in your community.

We know that most walkathons is about the getting together of people to share their stories and generally see each other. So maybe we can car pool from each neighbourhood whereby 5 people can go in one car. This does not take away from raising your funds virtually while still seeing your friends at the event. Or everyone may want to simply walk around their own neighbourhood and the carbon footprint would be zero.

Environmentally Friendly

Walkathons over the years have become somewhat divisive. Sitting in traffic jams has become the norm and the closing of roads adds to the frustration of the citizens of the community and all others involved including staff and volunteers.

Virtually walking can also be a great way of team building in your office, group or organization. It adds to great conversation on Monday mornings and gives employees an opportunity to share in corporate responsibility. Not only does it give exposure to your cause. You also have the opportunity to expose your company, group or organization to the world as your virtual walk generates automatic advertising.

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Why Walk

There are countless ways you can get active, however walking has the lowest dropout rate of them all!! Most people quit their gym routine after 30 days. Home workouts in the living room with that new workout video wear off quickly as well. Plain old fashioned everyday walking is the simplest and one of the most positive changes you can make to improve your heart, your mind and the natural chemistry of your body.

Research has shown that walking just 30 minutes each day can help you
• Reduce your risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
• Improve your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and blood lipid profile
• Enhance your mental well-being
• Reduce your risk of osteoporosis
• Reduce your risk of breast and colon cancer
• Reduce your risk of non-insulin dependent (type 2) diabetes
• You burn 75 calories by walking for just 30 minutes
• Walking just 6 miles a week will result in less brain shrinkage and slows down dementia
• Outdoor walking is a great source of vitamin D
• Walking boosts your mood. Studies show walking is as effective as anti-depressants in mild cases of depression by releasing feel good endorphins while reducing stress and anxiety

There are truly so many benefits for such a simple activity. Walking with friends by your side is the best way to walk for those who find it lonely by themselves. Walk with a friend or form a small group to walk with. Search out various routes in your community that takes you to a different area you have never been to before. Time will pass quickly and you will have packed on a few miles without even noticing it.

One of the greatest diseases now and in the future will be Alzheimer’s. While I am certainly not a doctor or researcher on this matter. I can speak from my personal experience with my Father who you can read about on under “A Heroes Story”

For as long as I knew my Father he walked every single day. Once in the morning, in the afternoon and again in the evening. At the age of 89 we started to notice his forgetfulness which would lead to dementia and eventually full blown Alzheimer’s. What I did find though is the more we walked the more it slowed down the symptoms. If I went away on business trip for a week or two he would not remember anything when I returned. But as we started walking again he remembered things from way in the past that only I could know. He would grasp on to a subject and recall it like it was yesterday. Walking always brought out the best in him while trying to fight off this dreadful disease. Once I began re-searching Alzheimer’s a number of factors were brought to light including that physical activity may contribute to the prevention of cognitive decline and delay of dementia. In addition to its convincing multiple benefits, an increasing body of evidence suggests that an active lifestyle has a protective effect on brain function in elders.

I fully believe after being with my Father on a daily basis for the 4 years he battled Alzheimer’s, that by walking each and every day brought him less grief and was a major factor in slowing down the onset and also living with this horrible disease.


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